Borders and Maps

The HSNA borders are:

  • Hampden (North)
  • Tamarac (East)
  • Quebec (West)
  • Princeton (South)

On our Southern border, you will find Rosamond Park.
Hampden South Neighborhood in Denver

While membership does not require that you live within these boundaries, only those residents may vote or hold office.

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The Hampden South Neighborhood is comprised of two subdivisions, Park Vista and Pine Ridge. The Park Vista subdivision (Rosemary to Princeton) consists of about 412 homes and the Pine Ridge subdivision (Hampden to Rosemary) consists of about 200 homes.

Hampden South is also within two miles of many other great parks including Southmoor, Eastmoor, Bible, and Wallace Park. A little further South is Westlands Park, which has a fun summer water feature and some unique playground equipment. The nearest outdoor Denver Pools are located at Cook Park and Eisenhower Park.