Hampden South Neighborhood Association has been renamed Southmoor Park South Neighborhood Association, and the website domain changed from hampdensouth.com to southmoorparksouth.org.  We decided that no one knew where Hampden South was in Denver other than close to Hampden, which is a long street.  Having Southmoor Park in the name identifies the area of town where we are located.  The vote was unanimous at our annual meeting (2/25/14) to have it renamed Southmoor Park South Neighborhood Association.

The purpose of the Southmoor Park South Neighborhood Association (SPSNA) is to enhance the livability of the neighborhood and Denver by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and act as a liaison among the neighborhood, government agencies and other neighborhoods. We also wish to provide an open process by which all members of the neighborhood may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood. Our goal is to maintain Southmoor Park South as a beautiful, safe, and fun neighborhood for everyone.

2016 Board of Directors:

  • Secretary: Lori Francin, lefrancin@gmail.com, 303-221-4538
  • Treasurer: Gayle Rodgers, myspsna@gmail.com, 303-929-0909

2016 Board Members:

  • Larry Alexander, rivpi1@gmail.com
  • John Boozer, Johnb@bdsummit.com
  • Bryan Dean, bryan.dean@amfam.com
  • Laura Excell, lexcell@yahoo.com
  • James Gavin, 303-771-1039
  • Rob Hoffman, rob.hoffman@comcast.net
  • Chris Rutan, cgrutan@hotmail.com

Currently membership is free, but signing up on the registration page helps us better communicate with you for important events and notices. We are very selective in the type and amount of material we email to the neighborhood.  We intend for the email newsletters and nextdoor.com to be our main means of communication.

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